Membership Application


Membership form on printable pdf file

If you can not attend the meeting, you can fill out the application and send it, your check and a self addressed, stamped envelope to the Treasurer to receive your Membership Card.

Application for Membership - Quad Cities Skyraiders

Name: _____________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

City: _______________________________________________

State,Zip: ___________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________

E-Mail: _____________________________________________

AMA # (required): ____________________________________

FAA #: _______________________________________________

Frequency #s: _______________________________________

By signing this Membership Application, I agree to abide by all the AMA's rules and regulations along with the Quad Cities Skyraiders' By-Laws and Flying Site Rules.

Signature: __________________________________________ Date: _________

Make checks payable to: QUAD CITIES SKYRAIDERS

Mail this application along with your check and self addressed, stamped envelope to:

Les Schjelderup
11305 102 Ave. Ct
Coal Valley, IL 61240-9502

Membership Fees

New Member Initiation Fee: $10.00
New Junior Initiation Fee: $ 5.00
Reinstatement Fee: $10.00
Single Membership: $25.00
Senior Membership: $20.00
Junior Membership: $10.00
Family Membership: $25.00
Each Dependent: $ 5.00
Associate Membership: $ 5.00